About us

We were born in the early 90's from the intuition of Fabrizio and Giovanna who, with energy and dedication, put expertise, passion and creativity into this adventure which has then hosted the whole family.

In these years the fashion world has changed over and over again, our customers have changed, the style offices we interface with, the tools we use to communicate, the techniques we use to work on our products, the products themselves, the objectives and also the rules of the game. We have changed in order to keep up with these constant developments.

The advent of new technologies has not detracted from the craftsmanship of our products, but has enabled us to achieve what seemed impossible at first glance a few years ago.

Our work runs back and forth on an imaginary timeline, we are busy creating the accessories of the future, recalling the greatness of the past that made the history of fashion. Getting lost in this ever-changing world between past and future is easy, so what defines us is what remains constant throughout this movement.

Steady is the passion for our work. The energy behind every new project. The desire to do better and better and to offer our clients all our skills in order to create together something beautiful, functional that characterizes the dress or the body that will wear it. Constant is also, and above all, our being a family, expressed in the way we take care of what we do, of what we create.

The family of Fabrizio and Giovanna Baldini The Baldini family at work